In addition to accounting services the ATR company also:


Financial services

ATR provides the following services in the financial area:

  • Accounting management and organization
  • Creation or recovery of accounting
  • Financial statement preparation for commercial, non-profit and non-governmental organizations;
  • Organization of accounting policy



Consulting services:

We offer the following services in order to support the establishment and development of your business, relying on our successful experience in this field:

  • Consulting on tax legislation;
  • Tax planning process for companies with simple and special tax regime
  • Implementation of tax payments
  • Monitoring of tax legislation amendments
  • Civil code consultations
  • Consultation on general economic legislation
  • Consultation on Labor law
  • Analysis of the existing financial system;
  • Conclusions about investment projects
  • Preparation and checking of contracts and other legal documents
  • Informational support
  • Enterprise’s existing risks analysis
  • Selection and installation of computer software for IT security

Business organization:

  • State registration of new companies;
  • Estimation and preparation of investment project and business plans
  • Preparation and analysis of business development strategies
  • The analysis of the local and foreign markets in which the company operates;
  • Strategic planning

Agent services

  • To act as an agent in tax authorities and other public bodies
  •  To represent the interests of the client in courts and state bodies

We guarantee high quality of services provided by our trained specialists, who are able to manage and grow your business.